“Grown Man Cry” is a New Recording with a Classic Feel


“Grown Man Cry” is a brand new track with a retro vibe. The song was arranged by and performed by Al Holliday & The East Side Band, and it features a very soulful vocal from Brian Owens. The horn section on this song is extremely moving, and the vocals are touching and filled with straight up soul. It’s a serious throwback to the Motown era and can easily blend in with songs from the Stax days. It’s impossible to not like this song. The sound is moving and touching. Anyone that appreciates any type of music will love this track.

This track really sounds like a Motown hit! Enjoy it on Spotify now:


“Recording When A Grown Man Cries was special on so many levels. To perform it live with this band truly embodies the spirit and raw grit of the message. That message simply stated is that true manhood is fully embracing the emotional complexities that come with living, loving, dying and losing.” – Brian Owens

Written by Ryan Cassata

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