Mixed Kid Fridays is Out with New LP “Taking Names”


Mixed Kid Fridays is out with a pop punk anthem, just in time for summer, called “Summer Song.” The song features heavy distorted power chords, and an emo sounding lead vocal. Inspired by the likes of David Bowie, Miles Davis, Mozart, and The Germs, this Los Angeles-based band is not afraid to fuse all of their musical inspirations and genres into their sound. Many different influences can be heard while listening to their newest album “Taking Names”  which was released on June 19th of this year. “Summer Song” even features an incredible and fast lead guitar solo! The song is high energy throughout and is a crowd favorite at all of their live shows. Here’s what the band has to say about their song:

“The song began in Chicago as a yearning for a warmer climate, and was finished in Los Angeles where we currently live. In a way, it’s an example of setting a goal, and then making it real.” – Mixed Kid Fridays

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Written by Ryan Cassata


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