Alexander Mills Reminds Listeners To Not Second Guess Themselves with New Song


Alexander Mills is out with a new indie-rock song called “Get Out Your Head.” As the title suggests, the lyrics dive into the concepts of self-judgement, self-consciousness, and general anxious feelings. Alexander Mills sings confidently on the track with a soothing and soulful voice, telling all who listen to just trust their own gut, to “get out your head.” Many of us, as humans, tend to stand in our own way, we are too in our own heads, we often don’t trust the things we know or even like. We may even second guess these things, just as the lyrics discuss in this great song. This song is a gentle reminder to not let those anxious feelings take over. It’s time to let go and trust yourself. It’s time to get our of your head. The song is made complete with acoustic guitars, a funky electric lead guitar, and a well-sung lead vocal with a catchy chorus. It serves as a beautiful reminder to just go with the flow of life.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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