ANALOG present their debut full-length album Portable People!

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Miami based four piece Analog has just delivered an indie gem with their debut full-length album Portable People. Released on July 5th, the LP is the band’s first full-scale release since their debut EP Extended Pleasure, back in 2014. The band is composed of Albae Camino (lead vocals/guitar), Esteban Gomez (lead guitar/ambient vocals), Juan Manuel Gonzalez (bass) and Tekilla (drums). Analog has remained a regular fixture in the Miami and South Florida rock scene, playing extensively in their locale. This latest release has solidified their standing at the forefront of grunge rock’s resurgence in popularity.

5 years in the making, Portable People is filled to the brim with riff-driven bangers and catchy melodies. Like a well-crafted detective novel, the collection of tracks work together as if they had a blueprint of the album before it’s inception. Blending a mixture of 90’s grunge and early 2000’s brit rock nostalgia Analog create an easy listening, yet headbanging experience, with melody obviously at the forefront of their priority list. Their sound rarely strays from ‘straight ahead’ rock, yet they keep things interesting with neo-psychedelic guitar solo’s twists, (à la Tame) and blues-influenced turns (“Working Man”). The LP is a low fi dream, definitely for lovers of early Oasis, Gorillaz, or even Nirvana.

Analog is firmly back in the spotlight with this debut LP, recorded by Nick Romanelli at Romanelli Recordings in Hollywood, Fl, mixed by Ferny Coipel at The Shack and mastered by Zach Ziskin.

“We tried to stick to a recording method that was organic. The rhythm section was recorded live, with overdubs, leads, and vocals done separately. I would say this is a 55-60% live recording” – Albae (Vocals/Guitar)

The resulting mix is perfectly textural, elevating the bands inherent sense of style, penchant for groovy rhythms, catchy lyrics, and unforgettable melodies. I for one am looking forward to what comes next from them.

Take a listen for yourself:

Spotify – album link

Written by Olivia McAuley

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