Dave Cavalier will have you saying YES to this new alternative rock song “No More”

“On the surface, this may seem like a song about a romantic relationship, but “No More” was actually written as a “Dear Music Industry” letter. It was the first of five songs I wrote for my “Rumors EP” and it was about setting the tone for all the songs to come by embracing who I was instead of trying to be who I’m not. No more trying to impress people, no more trying to bend and fit a particular mold. I wanted to write and play the way I wanted to be heard and say “Fuck you” in the process.” – Dave Cavalier

Dave Cavalier’s true rock song “No More” gets heavy music fans on the edge of their seats right from the start of the track! The beginning lyrics interchanged with the guitars could make listeners want to learn the lyrics to sing along and bang their heads to! The chorus starts off with “Do you love me”- which ironically demands the listeners love at the beginning of the song! Dave Cavalier’s vocal delivery transmits a sense of urgency that begs the listener to really pay attention. The guitar solo adds a beautiful retro flavor as well. Listening to this song could make listeners reminisce about the good ol’ alternative rock songs they have heard in their youth that are now considered classics. Rock the Pigeon truly believes that Dave Cavalier’s heavy and bluesy rock song “No More” will definitely beg music lovers to play it on full volume out of the loudest speakers they have!


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Dave Cavalier has shared the stage with the likes of Buddy Guy, Eddie Vedder, Don Henley, Aloe Blacc, Kendrick Lamar, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Amos Lee, Band of Horses at music festivals.
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Written by Hunter T. & Ryan Cassata

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