Hessam’s New Love Song Is Really Giving Us 1980’s Vibes!

“I wrote the song on a grey and rainy Stockholm-afternoon to cheer up my girlfriend. To remind her that one day we will travel the world and quit our 9-5 jobs. And till then I can be her escape from the mundane everyday-life.” – Hessam


Hessam is a pop artist based in Sweden. He was born in Iran but emigrated to Sweden as a baby. He grew up in a chaotic home and escaped his families drug addiction by diving into music. Now he has written hundreds of songs and is getting ready to release a new EP.

His new single “Getaway” is a love song that starts with an electric guitar and melodic vocals. The stripped down nature of the beginning of the track really begs the listener to devour the lyrical content. Hessam’s emotion and sincerity can be felt in his vocal delivery as he is promising his girlfriend that one day things will be different and he will help to bring her closer to her dreams of traveling the world. The song picks up after the first verse and chorus to include synths, bass, and drums. However, it still feels well-produced and isn’t over produced at all. Every element of the instrumentation can be appreciated because there is enough breathing room for every part. The instrumentation choices and vocal melodies feel like a throwback the 1980’s. Dive in Hessam’s “Getaway.” We are sure that you will be singing along to this song soon!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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