Dark Lyrics & Upbeat Music…Introducing Color Cult


Color Cult is a high-energy pop punk act with a fuzzy edge. Their newest song “Invisible Monster” is about the frustration of running into your ex quite a bit because you share the same friend groups and social circles. It’s about being haunted by your ex, and not being able to get over them completely because you keep running into them over and over again. I’m sure many folks can relate to this situation…

Even though the lyrics are a bit dark in theme, talking about demons, hell, and exorcism, the music sounds so uplifting and upbeat that the song feels a bit comical. It’s definitely a song that can be danced to and could probably start a mosh pit at a live show. The song features duel male and female vocals, fuzzy guitars, an unexpected but fitting horn solo, percussive claps, and a happy spirit. Overall the song is a well-performed rock anthem that could fit into the sub-genres of pop-punk and fuzz. It’s so damn catchy that it’s impossible to ignore and it’s impossible to not appreciate.


Color Cult is made up of Russell Leone (guitar/vocals), Seanna Pratt (Vocals), Sean Maloney (Keytar), Ryan Winegarden (bass) and Christopher Anger (drums).

FFO: Black Lips, WAVVES, and Ty Segall

Invisible Monster came out on June 21st, 2019 and is the bands first professional release. It certainly makes us ready to hear more from Color Cult. Listen to it on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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