Zoey Jurss & her first release “Love, Love, Love” will have you hooked on her sound


Zoey Jurss is based in Australia but still captures an incredible Americana vibe in her music. Her new song “Love, Love, Love” is her first release and it’s a spectacular introduction to her music and songwriting abilities. The song features lyrics that are driven by heartbreak but the hope and strong belief that she will carry on and move on. It showcases emotion and strength.

Zoey Jurss’ vocals may fit into the pop genre, but still carry the authenticity of Americana and Alt-Country music. The song features beautiful slide guitars and a simple drum groove that sets a great tone for the music.

The chorus melody of the song is so catchy that we promise you will be singing along by the end of the song.

Listen to this incredible track now:

FFO: Gillian Welch, Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval and First Aid Kit.

Zoey Jurss is currently recording her debut EP and will soon return to performing live.

Find more info: zoeyjurss.com.au   

Written by Ryan Cassata

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