Gabriella Cilmi’s new song “Ruins” features a raspy soulful voice

Australian singer-songwriter Gabriella Cilmi is out with a new song “Ruins.” The talented singer wanted to take this one back to basics and create an authentic sounding recording. Rock the Pigeon definitely believes that she achieved this goal. “Ruins” is driven by piano and guitar which makes it fit seamlessly into the classic rock genre. Gabriella’s voice cuts across the track as raspy and filled with soul. She sings with complete passion on the track, delivering the lyrics in a way that makes the listener really devour them. This song even includes a melodic lead guitar solo that hits some beautiful blues notes.


“I am beyond excited to release new music again. It feels like I’ve been in hibernation for far too long and it would be nice to get out and tour…‘Ruins’ was one of those tunes that came about really quickly. It was the first time Eliot and I had worked together in about 5 years. At that point I knew that with the new record I wanted to take things back to basics so we recorded the demo pretty simply and quickly with just guitar and piano. I didn’t want to spend years on a vocal take. I wanted it to feel spontaneous, more like a live performance. The song is basically a warning to take care and treasure the ones you love. It’s just as easy to build a relationship up as it is to tear it down.”
– Gabriella Cilmi

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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