The Barren Spinsters are Out with Catchy Blues Song “Hey Ruth” featuring killer guitars and harmonica / on tour now


“Hey Ruth” is a song from The Barren Spinsters debut album ‘Ten Steps to Cynical Thinking’ which is available now on Spotify. If you’re a fan of blues, classic rock, and rock n’ roll this is the perfect song to gift your ears. The electric guitars are playing soaring bluesy riffs that are ear worms themselves. The song breaks for the lead vocals to riff while an electric guitar plays a companion melody. Perhaps one of the most stand out things about “Hey Ruth” is the harmonica playing. The distorted harmonica is so bluesy and soulful that it’s hard to not fall in love with this song. The Barren Spinsters have created an extremely fun music video for this track as well! It’s quite a party and gets quite messy too!

Join in on the fun and hear this great rock n’ roll song:


FFO: The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Wolfmother, The Black Crowes, Jet

“You know it’s time to move to the city (Canberra) when your only good cuisine options include day old chicken in a bain-marie. The song is about other things as well, but that stuff is boring so let’s talk about chicken instead.”

– Brendon Houlahan (vocals/guitar)


’Ruth, one of my former employers used to date the manager of TISM. Once over yum cha she told me stories of touring with TISM, hanging out washing on fake washing lines mid gig behind the band whilst they performed on stage, and also a cheeky little tale of throwing their vulgar rap cassette tapes out of the car window whilst driving as a form of protest’’.

Brendon Houlahan (vocals/guitar)




Saturday 27 July – 1895 The Royal – Echuca Blues Fest

Sunday 28 July – Hopwood Gardens – Echuca Blues Fest

Friday 2 August – Marrickville Bowls Club, Marrickville

Saturday 3 August – Smiths, Canberra

Sunday 4 August – Bridge Rd Brewers, Beechworth

Saturday 24 August – Capital Brewery, Canberra

Friday 4 October – Caloundra Music Festival

Saturday 5 October – Caloundra Music Festival

Sunday 6 October – Caloundra Music Festival

Saturday 19 October – Smiths, Canberra

Saturday 16 November – Healesville Music Festival

Written by Ryan Cassata

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