Tom Goss’ New Pop Single “Quayside” Teases Upcoming Album “Territories” Set to be Released This Fall

Tom Goss is a widely successful singer/songwriter from Kenosha, WI. He now resides in Los Angeles and has recently been working on songs for his eighth studio album. Goss in best known for his rich voice, ethereal sound, and masterful songs about the struggles of love in the modern age. He has played thousands of shows across the US, Canada, and Europe and has accrued a large following in the LGBT+ community.

His newest single, “Quayside”, dropped on July 12th, 2019. The song is expertly arranged electronic/pop track with clean vocals and a killer beat. It has an upbeat pop vibe interspersed with some catchy electronic riffs. Watch the “Quayside” music video, featuring Gregory Douglass, below.

Goss is on a trajectory for greatness with an upcoming album release and a tour later this year. His new album “Territories” was written after travels with his husband and his new lover and their shared exploration of a blossoming polyamorous dynamic. He touches on how relationships evolve and strengthen over time and is thrilled to share his new experiences with his listeners. His latest tour information can be found on his official Facebook page (link listed below).

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Written by Wes Spaulding

Author: wes_spaulding

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  1. Tom Goss and his “husband” are nothing but a couple of frauds. First they market to the monogamous married crowd and Goss was out front as the poster child for it. In fact, he had the audacity to write an article in The Advocate extolling the virtues of monogamous marriage 2 years ago while NOW admitting he has been polyamorous for the past THREE years. Next, he markets to the Bear and the Overweight crowd garnering yet another fan base from another gay niche market. Presently, he is attempting to market to the polyamorous crowd, thereby spitting in the face of all of us who worked HARD AND LONG to obtain the right for the “heteronormative” monogamous marriage that they now mock. Funny, in his interviews he talks about anxiety over this polyamorous stuff. If it’s so right, why is he nervous? The 2 of them didn’t do their homework. Polyamorous people don’t buy music. His sales are in nose bleed territory for this song and he has lost over 80 followers to his page and it continues to drop daily as the monogamous fans become aware of his duplicity. Quick, get “husband” Mike to buy some more bogus numbers to pad that Instagram Facebook and Twitter page! If he didn’t present himself as the monogamous married poster child, I really wouldn’t give a damn what he does. However, this type of betrayal is not only hurtful but spits in the face of those of us who lost a spouse in a monogamous marriage. Some of us took vows of For Better or Worse not For Better Or Else and to talk all this crap now as a marketing ploy is just reprehensible.

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