American Indie Band, The Regular, Release Beautiful New Folk-Rock Single “What I Had”

The Regular is a Denver, CO based Indie/Folk band who are best known for creating a wide range of music from folksy upbeat songs to slow, soulful ballads. The inspiration they draw from artists like Bob Dylan and the Lumineers is ever present in their work. Their new folk single “What I Had” uses upbeat percussion and forlorn string instruments to give the song a complex emotional profile. The rich vocals add a beautiful depth to the composition and yet another layer to the bittersweet mood of the song.


I wish I knew what I had

Because I miss my mom and my dad 

and the friends I use to have oh all the times I can’t forget

– “What I Had”, The Regular

The above lyrics really stood out to me because I’ve recently been going through a major life transition and had to really think about the things in live that are most valuable to me. I think every one can relate to the song’s message in some capacity. A lot of people believe the grass is greener on the other side and take some part of what they have for granted. I am finally able to return to my family and friends after 6 long years of trying to live out my dreams alone in New York City. Being faced with that kind of loneliness makes you question what is it that’s really important to you. Is it money…power…success…friendship? Where do you need to be to get what it is you really want? This song really illuminated that message for me and reaffirmed my decision to move back to my hometown. I couldn’t have discovered it at a better time in my life. Watch the music video for “What I Had” below.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

Author: wes_spaulding

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