Oliver Hazard Releases Hot New Folk-Pop Single “Grenadine”

Oliver Hazard is a folk band from Waterville, OH. Their music has been described as feelgood folk-pop that no city slicker could hope to replicate and they owe it all to their small town roots. In fact, they have so much love for their hometown that they’ve started hosting an annual music festival in Waterville aptly named “Oliver Hazard Day”. The music video for their catchy new single “Grenadine” is out now.

The video depicts animated versions of the band performing “Grenadine” through beloved spots in their Ohio hometown. The artful simplicity of the song and the video animation perfectly complement each other. The song is very upbeat and catchy and has an interesting mix of tempo changes that are a delight to the ears. I really appreciate the careful use of certain instruments in some sections of the song and not in others. As someone who has been immersed in city life for far too long, it is very nostalgic to watch this video and be reminded of the simple joys of small town living.

Follow Oliver Hazard on social media for info on new releases. The band is currently doing a Living Room tour and the 2019 “Oliver Hazard Day” is on August 17th in Waterville, OH. More information about upcoming tour dates can be found on their website and Facebook page.

Website: http://www.olihazard.com


Instagram: @olihazard

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oliverhazard/

Written by Wes Spaulding

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