Macklemore + IRO Release New Song about Relapse & Recovery

Macklemore & IRO have teamed up, from NBC’s Songland, for another song about relapse and recovery. The native-Seattle rapper has always spoken openly and honestly about his addiction and recovery, as well as the effects that the addictions of others have had on him. Songs like “Drug Dealer” “Starting Over” “Otherside” and “Kevin” have transformed the lives of people and provided many with the wake up call that they needed to get sober themselves. Macklemore has spread an incredible amount of awareness on this topic that has helped a mass amount of people going through the same struggles. His lyrics have become a source of support for so many. Macklemore even sat down with President Obama on a Weekly Address at the White House to speak about addiction and recovery in 2016. It’s clear that the topic of addiction and recovery is something that Macklemore is very passionate about.

Macklemore’s new song “Shadow” dives deep into the topic of addiction and how hard it’s been for him to maintain consistent sobriety throughout his career. He speaks about the darkness of the disease of addiction. The hook of the song is very catchy while maintaining the dark and sorrowful theme.

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Written by Ryan Casasta

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