Typical Dreamers debuts an animated and refreshing single “Up To You”

Typical Dreamers is a Canadian band that has clearly been practicing and preparing their music. Brace yourself for their debut single “Up To You” which fades in with some piano then abruptly gives us confident and clear vocals.

“Up To You” has an invigorating hook, with a wonderfully balanced vocal range, and lyrics that truly get you focused on the song! I know I’ll be dreaming about it! The lyrics “Can you see it in my eyes? Hope you feel the way I do” will most definitely draw you in with the way it is so eloquently sung. This song is spruced with a fascinating background melody, recurring piano riffs that keeps your ears perked up, and just as importantly, a bass line that keeps the song harmonious! You can listen to “Up To You” five times in a row and still find something new to be excited about!

Listen on Soundcloud:

Website: typicaldreamers.com 

Instagram: instagram.com/typicaldreamersmusic 

Written by: Hunter Lake

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