Ralph Pellymounter Sings of the Human Experience in “Your PET Scan (Brain on Drugs)”

“For various reason I found myself in a lot of hospital waiting rooms last year and my mind started thinking about all the major life events that happen in these sterile rooms. Your PET scan (brain on drugs) is our triumphs, regrets, loves and loses all shown in the vibrant flashes of you PET scans.” – Ralph Pellymounter


Catchy from the first line that is sung, Ralph Pellymounter is out with a new song “Your PET Scan (Brain On Drugs)” that is hard to ignore. It’s lyrically intriguing, talking about the changes the brain goes through as humans experience different emotions and even chemicals. The lyrics may make the listener feel connected or even heard about their own life experiences, twists and turns…humanizing the listener. The song has slower moments, such as the opening, that feel very anthemic. It also transcends into quicker moments that feel a bit more punk rock and upbeat. The melody of this song is very catchy and we are sure that you will want to hear it again and again. “Your PET Scan (Brain on Drugs)” is definitely a true anthem.

“I had the pleasure of making the video with Jim Flanagan we’ve never made an animation like this before so there was a lot of trial and error, we started it in october and just about finished it a week ago. I hope you enjoy the hours of work we put in. If you are interested try and track down our other Comics by numbers pieces.” – Ralph Pellymounter

More info: http://ralphpelleymounter.com/

Written by Ryan Cassata

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