Devon Welsh Teases Upcoming Solo Album With Music Video for New Single “Somebody Loves You”

Devon Welsh is a creative solo artist who focuses on writing poetic, minimalist tracks that realistically articulate the emotions experienced by the human heart. He is the former front man of widely successful art-pop duo, Majical Cloudz where he accrued massive amounts of performance experience ranging from DIY house shows to playing arena shows with popular artists like Lorde. Welsh strives to unpack and debunk the romanticism of love that is portrayed in pop culture by delving into the complexity and depth of interpersonal relationships. His new single “Somebody Loves You” is a sneak peak into his solo album to be released later this year.

“I made the video for “Somebody Loves You” in Wisconsin when my cousin Braden came to visit. We’ve found it’s pretty easy to be creative together. We more or less improvised and had fun with the camera, and it was a lot of fun. 

The song is about loving someone despite estrangement or distance, and now I think about my family when I think about “Somebody Loves You”, as we’ve been doing great work on healing separation and distance. The relationship between my cousin and I is a great testament to that!” 

– Devon Welsh

“Somebody Loves You” is a beautifully simplistic song that exudes honesty and poses many thought provoking questions about the nature of relationships. The video is has a minimalist quality that does an excellent job of complimenting the video without distracting from the music and lyrics of the song. Devon Welsh continuously strives for human connection in his music and that deeply aligns with the idea behind this song and video.

Welsh’s new album “True Love” is set to be released on October 11th. Writing this album helped him reflect on the toxic masculinity that is perpetuated by our culture. He is excited to share this new work with you.

“The male stereotype is that you’re not supposed to cry, you’re supposed to be strong and confident and powerful… that feeds into a masculine identity where you can’t look inward and figure out: Who am I that’s distinct from that?”

– Devon Welsh

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Written by Wes Spaulding

Author: wes_spaulding

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  1. With the song’s minimal production, it’s amazing how much Devon was able to use his tone to shape the mood of the track. Plus the video really ties everything together—simple yet striking!

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