Relax and unwind with “Halo” by Nightmode

More and more people are catching on to the relaxing electro-pop bedroom music that is Nightmode. Nightmode is a project brought to life by Matt Kass of Nashville, TN. From the first release of Nightmode in November 2018, people from all around the world have been intrigued. This latest release “Halo” is an emotional and relaxing song to get lost in.

“Halo” features Austin Thomas (Spookyghostboy), giving us a trance-like song we get lost in while listening to. “Halo” is filled with encompassing vocals and an electric melody that seemingly surrounds you while listening to with headphones. This song was written about the struggles of being in a long distance relationship. Touching on how your loved one will be right next to you in one moment and then the next moment so far away.

“Halo” is one of those songs you can close your eyes while listening to and let all your thoughts and stress of the day vanish. The tranquil sounds and devoted vocals will have you in a dreamlike daze. From the very first verse, “Wake up and now I’m alone again, your shirt’s still hanging on my bed”, I was hooked! The soothing vocals of Austin Thomas are a perfect fit for this dreamy song.

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Written by: Hunter Lake

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