Indie Singer/Songwriter, Josh Cuadra, Releases Bright New Pop Track, “Too Kind”

Josh Cuadra is a singer/songwriter from Southern California. He lives and breathes old 60’s pop, Harry Nilsson, and psych rock. He is best known for two wonderfully mastered studio albums (available on Spotify) on which he plays nearly every instrument and sings every harmony. He’s just released his upbeat new single “Too Kind”.

“Too Kind” is the result of a Josh’s vision of incorporating a horn into his track. The trumpet is masterfully played by Big Mike Richardson. The song has an uplifting feel and an overall positive vibe. Josh explained that the lyrics in this song come from a very honest place for him…

It’s about someone telling themselves they’re not as damaged as some people may think they are. It’s also about someone fighting internal voices of self doubt by consistently telling themselves that they are okay and have the same basic struggles as everyone else.

Josh Cuadra
Josh performing at Lyd & Mo Photography Studio in Pasadena, CA.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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