Pop-Duo Dream Team, Motel 7, Returns With Hot New Single “would u believe me”

If you haven’t heard of Motel 7 you’re missing out. These indie-pop virtuosos are back in the studio and are on an upward trajectory to greatness. After receiving praise from blogs such as Fashionably Early and numerous editorial playlists on Spotify, Motel 7 is back with their color-pop single “would u believe me”.

“would u believe me” is a masterful conglomerate of sweet dreamlike vocals dancing with soft guitar and chest thumping drums. It takes listeners to a high they’ll never want to come down from. You’re definitely gonna want to check these dudes out.

If you like what you heard here you’re in luck, there is more dope music on the way! Motel 7 has the combined power of musical genius and unstoppable momentum on their side and they are excited to share all of their new tracks with you.

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IG: @wearemotel7

Written by Wes Spaulding

Author: wes_spaulding

Biomedical engineer and Musician. Contributor at Rock the Pigeon Blog.

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