The Small Calamities mix genres for a truly unique song


The Small Calamities claim that they were going for an “emo guitar meets Grandaddy synth” vibe on their newest song “house lights.” House lights is the 4th single to be dropped from their upcoming LP. The song is filled with synths and an impressive bass line that demand attention! The vocals of the song really throw us back to early emo and some pop punk music while be surrounded in music that is uplifting and high energy. It musically sounds like an 80’s punk anthem with emo lyrics.

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For Fans Of:
The Get Up Kids, The Killers, Grandaddy, All American Rejects

The Small Calamaties formed in 2015 and have released 4 singles this year titled “cinderella”, “summer in chicago”, “rocket”, and now “house lights.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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