If You Love Acoustic Folk Music, You’ll Love John Burnette


We listen to dozens of artists a day, hundreds a week, and John Burnette is an artist that has truly stood out to us. His song “N.Y.C. Babe” still sits near the top of our Chill Mood Spotify playlist since it was added in June. We know all of the words and it just doesn’t get old. Another song off of the very same record that “N.Y.C. Babe” comes from, is “Mercy Mercy.” This song is a bluesy vocal piece that is sung completely a capella. The style choice demands that the listener pays complete attention to the lyrical content. The song tells a story in a manor that feels like more vintage times. The song stands well enough on it’s own but it also feels like a solid break during the musical album. It takes courage to sing without instrumentation!

Give Parlor One a chance. It’s filled with acoustic guitars, folky vocals, and lyrics that resonate with humanity.

Whether it’s after the fact or not, Mercy Mercy came from reading ee cummings “anyone lived in a pretty how town” in a hospital waiting room. A murder ballad came on shuffle while they were carting some gaunt looking elderly patients through the hallway and I remember thinking “I hope someone loves me enough someday to put me out of my misery”


It’s admittedly super dark and maybe a little taxing. There had been some instrumentation behind the vocals at one point, but in the studio we were trying to get rid of a dog bark in the background of the track and muted all tracks but the vocal. After hearing it a cappella, it was hard to add anything else to it; so we left it as is.
– John Burnette

John Burnette is based in Nashville, TN and originally hails from Mountain View, Arkansas. Find out more: johnburnettemusic.com 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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