Steph Macpherson Sings Openly about Heartbreak on Newest EP “Cowards”


There is a certain tenderness in Steph Macpherson’s vocal delivery that begs the listener to give their undivided attention. Her latest song is titled “Bad Fit” and comes from her newest 5-song-EP “Cowards.” It goes through a relationship that is dancing on the edge of ending. Macpherson speaks honestly about her denial about the state of the relationship and the level of compatibility that she lacks with her partner. The lyrics sound like she is faking happiness in the relationship to spare herself from full on heartbreak. I think a lot of us have been there before. Again, the vocal delivery makes this song worth listening to. Every word is layered with authentic emotion that is so rare to find in music these days. This song might just break your heart…in the very best way, of course…

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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