Of Gentlemen & Cowards New Song Hits On Being Stuck Between Leaving & Staying in a Relationship

“Don’t Say” is a song about endings. Between being stuck and leaving, there’s always a choice – this song was created in that space. It’s a pleading refrain from a strained relationship. Maybe we can get past this, or maybe it’s over. – Of Gentlemen & Cowards


“Don’t Say” is the latest song from Of Gentlemen & Cowards. The music is upbeat and happy, although the lyrics hit on a tender topic; deciding whether or not to stay in a relationship. The musical approach is so upbeat that the song could even be danced to. If one ignores the intense message in the lyrics, they may think that this song is a happy anthem of sorts…until the song gets to the bridge and there is a space for minor chords and a breakdown. The song picks up again, musically only, after the bridge. Overall the song seems to send the hopeful message “Hold on, let’s get to tomorrow, we can try again then.” The vocals seem to be delivered with a sense of desperation, the songwriter really wants this relationship to work out and he may be hanging on by a thread but he is surely hanging on.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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