“Worst Firsts” Podcast Series by Brittany Furlan Might Just Be The Best Podcast You Ever Listen To

LA based Comedian, Brittany Furlan, is pioneering podcast comedy with her new weekly podcast series “Worst Firsts” (available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and more). She interviews celebrities and different public figures about their worst first experiences that could be anything from worst first dates, first jobs, first college experiences etc. She has hosted a multitude of well known guests including Tommy Lee, Machine Gun Kelly, Cesar Millan, George Lopez, Alice McMunn, and she continues to gift her listeners with surprising new twists. In September she hosted a “Worst Firsts” live show at Hollywood Improv which included audience participation and just last weekend she recorded an episode of “Worst Firsts” live at an LA Comic Con panel with guest, Nikki Sixx! She has a ton of positive momentum fueling this podcast and it is quickly amassing the popularity it deserves. Don’t just take my word for it, go check out the episodes for yourself!

I am a huge fan of “Worst Firsts” because not only is it hysterically funny (I mean you will literally cry laughing at some of the episodes), but it also reminds us that it’s okay to make mistakes and laugh at ourselves sometimes. Brittany and the guests constantly share stories that bond us over how weird it is to exist as a human and how we all go through embarrassing situations no matter who we are.

“Worst Firsts” Episode 12 Featuring (from left to right): Rita Lowery, John 5, and Brittany Furlan

Brittany was recently recognized for all of her phenomenal work on this podcast and was nominated for The Digital Hollywood Podcast Awards under the category: The Voice of Women: Politics, The Arts, Feminism, Technology, Family and Work, A Day in the Life

Voting is open until Nov 1st so please go vote while you can!

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