Nicholas Chamian Expresses His Existential Curiosity With New Solo Single “Qualia”

Nick Chamian (NPC) is a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who spent many years playing in bands and has only recently decided to embark on his first series of incredible solo projects. Earlier this year he released his well received first solo single “They’re Speaking to Us” and is back with a dope music video for his thought-provoking new track, “Qualia”.

“Qualia” immediately captivates its listeners with echoey, ethereal vocals, bright funky guitar, a grooving bass line, and chugging drums played by Mike Musselman of Figs Vision. This lo-fi style video, produced by Nick Chamian and Jon Sanders, paints clear examples of the varying sensory stimulation that accompany being human. The video reaches out and grabs two of our strongest senses with bright colors and visuals that are perfectly complemented by the track’s intriguing melodies and meandering vibe. Don’t overlook the lyrical meaning behind the music. The song’s beautifully crafted lyrics touch on some pretty philosophical topics and musings that we all find ourselves thinking about from time to time…what is our real purpose?….is this all just a dream?

This is a tune that came from thinking about what it means to be conscious. The idea of “awareness of being” is such a trip to me. Where we came from? Why are we here? These big questions nobody can answer. “Qualia” is a term that refers to the objects of perception. Everything that the conscious being encounters can be considered “Qualia”. This song is about how I love to talk about this stuff with people but sometimes I can tell it makes them feel a little bit freaked out.


This song and video really struck a chord with me because I often find myself pondering the greater purpose of things and contemplating the existence of the universe. It does a fantastic job of capturing the vibe I feel when I think about these kinds of existential topics. In essence it’s a song I never knew I needed until I heard it and thought, “Oh yeah, that’s exactly what this feels like.” This is an amazing track you’ll want to add to your all your best playlists.

A quick shout-out to some of the masterminds behind “Qualia”. The track was produced, engineered, and mixed by Matt Tuggle and the rad album art (featured in the article thumbnail) was created by Juan Giannini.

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