Lovers Knot Releases “Lie” to tease 2020 LP

“Lie was written after a bit of an emotional break that I had at the beginning of the year where my partner and I were questioning everything and I felt out of control. Though first time through the song seems sad, when writing it it was about realizing that even through everything I was loved… my belief that I had ruined everything was the lie.” – Lovers Knot


A soft piano leads the way on the knew Lovers Knot song “Lie.” The song is chill in vibe and the slow pacing definitely sets a highly emotional tone. Soaring distorted guitars float throughout the track, adding an extra tinge of sad emotion. However, as stated in the artist quote above, the track is about a good realization that the songwriter had during a stressful time. The music may feel like the theme about the end of the relationship, but the couple held on strong so there is an underlying tone of happiness and self discovery there too. “Lie” serves as a beautiful teaser to an upcoming album by Lovers Knot that is set to drop sometime next year. Lovers Know is based in Kansas City.

Enjoy the song on BandCamp now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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