Forgotten Sons “Angst and Apathy” EP Review

Hailing from The Shetland Isles, Scotland, Forgotten Sons, have released their latest collection of music, an EP titled “Angst and Apathy.” The rockers start off this EP in ballad form with a beautifully played piano, accompanied by strings on the introduction song “Tiden Leger Alle Sar.” Forgotten Sons then descend into their regular punk rock fashion on “Time Heals All.” The next track picks up the pace a little bit. “All by Myself” is the catchiest track on the record in our opinion and perhaps it is also the most anthemic. The vocals drift into a lovely falsetto which is rare in the punk world, adding lots of flavor to this EP. A straight played distorted electric guitar starts the next song “Cold as a Stone.” The musical vibe of “Cold as a Stone” is the high energy and able to lift the listeners spirit. The EP ends off strong with an acoustic ballad with strong lyrical content, “Blackened Heart.” Overall this EP is a great introduction to Forgotten Sons and an excellent collection of music.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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