“Trouble” by Last Chance Family Band Feels like the Soundtrack of a Defeated Cowboy

Last Chance Family Band, sometimes known as LCFB, is out with their latest song “Trouble.” “Trouble” is a slow country ballad, complete with slide guitars, and twangy vocals. Sounding a bit like a mourning cowboy, the singer has a chat with the listener about growing older and feeling defeated.


“Trouble” contains some excellent music breaks that carry the mood of the song well without vocals, showcasing the talent of the band. Last Chance Family Band is based in Seattle and formed at the end of 2017. They really are a family. The bands lineup contains three brothers; Andrew, Joey and Tyler Pettersson, and two additional bandmates to complete their sound; Mitch Sander and Nate Ross

Overall the song is a catchy country ballad for anyone that is feeling a bit let down or brokenhearted.

“The song is about self-doubt and the struggle to feel adequate to yourself, especially as you grow older and your dreams from growing up seem more and more unreachable.”

“Trouble” comes from a double single release on October 4th, 2019. Both songs can be heard on Spotify now:

Find out more about the band on Instagram:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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