Grizzly Coast Releases Song about Anxiety “High-Functioning” + Teases 2020 Release

Grizzly Coast is the moniker of Toronto based singer-songwriter Alannah Kavanagh. Her latest release is “High-Functioning” which seems to be a song about experiencing anxiety that not many around her seem to take notice of. I’m sure many can relate to this type of experience. The instrumentation feels like a bouncy indie-rock song. The vocal is catchy throughout the verse and chorus, and shows of the singers range and ability. The song feels very high-energy and fun, even dipping into catchy electric guitar riffs. When you dive into the lyrical content, the mood of the song changes quite a bit which feels like symbolism of the songs topic; having anxiety that no one really notices unless they pay extremely close attention to the singer. The lyrics go very deep and feel raw in an authentic way. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from Grizzly Coast!


Grizzly Coast has spent most of 2019 touring around Canada, full band style, in preparation of their debut EP that will drop sometime in 2020.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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