Meet Evie Irie, the Rising Australian Pop-Star

At just 16 years old, Evie Irie has captured the attention of the music industry with her musical and songwriting talents. Now signed to Republic Records, the Australian singer-songwriter has released an official music video for “The Optimist.” The track comes off of her 5-song EP 5 Weeks In LA. The track is strong in melody, perfectly fitting for pop radio. Evie Irie performs well in the music video, oozing passion with every guitar strum. Evie has this to say about the song:  “I’m singing to myself, because in the song I’m the reason why I’m being bitter, because I’m judging myself and I’m thinking everyone is judging me—when really I’m my own enemy. The song is me escaping that mindset.

Check out the song on YouTube, it will definitely get stuck in your head!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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