The Fallaways Are Back From Their Alberta Tour and Already Making Waves With Their New Single “Alive”

The Fallaways are a 4 piece alt-rock band from Vancouver, BC best known for their rebellious punk rock tracks and captivating stage presence. They are no strangers to receiving praise from Rock the Pigeon and other music blogs for their above par songwriting, performance, and production capabilities. Since their beginnings in 2015 they have have accrued an ever growing and much deserved fan-base for popular tracks like “Dumb” and “Makin’ Me Crazy” (these can be found on their Spotify – linked below). Their songs are rocking punk anthems to rebellious debauchery and enjoying the freedom of youth. Yesterday, marked lead singer, Jay’s, 25th birthday and the release of The Fallaways newest single “Alive”.

This video is a kick-ass compilation of clips from their most recent tour in Alberta with The Lazy’s and Excuses Excuses. “Alive”, like many of The Fallaways other dope punk rock songs, is punchy, fast-paced, and addictive. Every instrument is played with a style and shred that is unique to each member. Their passion, enthusiasm, and lust for life is contagious and bleeds through every track and live performance into our hearts, minds, and playlists.

Band members (left to right): Band members (left to right): Joshua Ertman, Jason Koster, Trevor Walker, and Devon Lencucha

The Fallaways recently returned the band to its roots by regrouping with its original members and are super stoked for what’s ahead. Still riding the high from their last tour, they recorded and released this new single and have plenty more on the way that can only take them up from their already skyrocketing spot to the top.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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