bülow blesses fans with new version of “You & Jennifer”

If you are a fan of German-born and Toronto-based pop star, bülow, you certainly know all the words to “You & Jennifer.” It’s a catchy song with an irresistible chorus. You know…that song that you probably blast from your car speakers as you drive along Sunset Blvd with your ex and their new beaux on your mind.

If you just couldn’t get enough and want to hear more to that story, you are in luck. bülow has blessed us with an updated version of the hit song called “You & Jennifer (the other side)” featuring Rich The Kid. The song dives into the opposite perspective through Rich The Kids fun rap where he claps back at bülow. The rap part is short and not sweet…but extremely fun. We are sure you’ll learn all the words to that part too…Check it out below:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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