Glass Animals, Denzel Curry Team Up for “Tokyo Drifting”

Glass Animals has teamed up with Denzel Curry for an epic music collaboration. The song “Tokyo Drifting  has a very unique vibe and demands attention from the listener immediately. The vocal flow on the song is something that stands out against other pop and hip hop music, giving the song a very fresh feel. The song takes many turns, using auto-tune in a stylistic way, and changing up the beat for build ups and mood changes. The song keeps the listeners attention throughout because of all of these unexpected but perfectly fitting changes in energy and style. The synth sounding-horn solo is a hook in itself and paves the road for a high-energy rap to come in. “Tokyo Drifting” is a track that is undeniably good! Don’t ignore this one!

Enjoy the music video on YouTube Now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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