Rainy Eyes Tells Story of a Woman Escaping an Abusive Relationship in Americana Song


Self-described as “‘Dreamy Folk Americana’, “Rainy Eyes has a classic sounding country song that feels as sweet as honey. “Moon In The Mirror” has authentic instrumentation that will calm your soul and remind you why you love acoustic music. The instrumentation choices on this great song all connect and complement each other. The vocal sit well in the mix. Rainy Eyes, the moniker of Irena Eide, is cooing a catchy lead vocal melody, that is greeted with beautiful harmonies. Listen in closely to the lyrics as a deep message is being conveyed to the listener. Rainy Eyes sings ‘well I took the keys away I run, in my barefoot feet towards the setting sun’ as she tells the story of a strong woman taking the final step to leave an abusive relationship in the past.

“Moon In The Mirror” comes off a 30 minute LP of the same titled released in early August. Listen to it on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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