Jules Gabriel’s 6th Release is Dreamy and Calming


“Tides” is the 6th single from Swedish-singer-songwriter Jules Gabriel. This song builds throughout it’s run with acoustic instrumentation on top of programmed percussion. One of the samples actually features the living room sofa at Jules Gabriel’s grandmothers house where he recorded this stunning track. The song is slow in pace but has a euphoric feel to it. The chorus is just repetitive enough to get folks to sing along without becoming bothersome. This is a song that will both get stuck in your head and also soothe you’re spirit. It’s both dreamy and fun. Give it a spin, we are sure you’ll enjoy it.

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”The song was written from a state of exile grandmas old house in balearic Mallorca after a broken relationship, but I also decided to break up with my old life.

Its about when you’ve lost everything, given up and your soul lay bare, left with a void to fill. You’re so vulnerable, if you don’t grab the right thing at that moment your life could make a wrong turn. I filled it with a new love for nature and music, and the knowing that wounds heal, times pass and if we want, we can change and grow into something else, something better.” – Jules Gabriel

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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