The Fifth Star Band releases a soulful and mesmerizing single “Trying to Breathe”

The Fifth Star Band uses a variety of instruments to create a new kind of traditional rock. Combining saxophones, piano, and an organ with conventional pieces this Chicago based band creates a soulful and groovy sound. Their latest single “Trying to Breathe” has expressive vocals that are perfectly complimented by saxophone. The Fifth Star Band has found just the right combination of instruments and rhythm to get the listener tapping along then dancing to the beat!

“Trying to Breathe” starts off with an atmospheric intro setting the listener up for a catchy tune. The intro is followed by rhythmic balance of piano and bass, then has an attractive addition of rich saxophone! The saxophone carries a creative melody that combines well with the soulful vocals as they compliment each other back and forth. The chorus is full of catchy contrasting vocals and sax that drive this engaging song. Listen to “Trying to Breathe” on Soundcloud below.

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Written By: Hunter Lake

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