Chloe Fredericks releases intense and moving song “Don’t Come Back”

Chloe Fredericks recently released a five track EP featuring “Don’t Come Back.” This song demonstrates how a harsh and unpleasant experience can be used to create something beautiful. Fredericks describes a story of betrayal, realization, and then freedom. The intro of “Don’t Come Back” starts off with just piano and vocals, building up the momentum, and emotionally conveying the heartache Fredericks feels. Halfway through the song it heightens, both vocally and instrumentally. ‘Don’t try and come back to me, I’m finally seeing clearly’, Fredericks sings, expressing her decision to move on and be free. She emphasizes the severity of the situation with her confident and powerful vocals. “Don’t Come Back” is a strong and impressive release showcasing Fredericks’ capability as a singer and songwriter.

Listen to “Don’t Come Back” on Spotify below:

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Written By: Hunter Lake

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