The Murphs Gift Listeners Peaceful Vibes on “My Way Back Home”

“The song is about the desire to explore the avenues of life and the world around you while also fighting the need to find a place (physically or emotionally) that is comfortable to call home. Despite the sometimes discouraging battle, you know the “traveling” is something you have to and ultimately, will always do.” – The Murphs 


The Murphs are out with a beautiful folk song that feels pleasing for music fans that love folk music, classic rock singer-songwriter, and Americana. Their song “My Way Back Home” fits in perfectly with the likes of Dave Van Ronk, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and The Band. It’s filled with authentic instrumentation that is well played with soul. Feeling laid-back in vibe, “My Way Back Home” is a great song to bring on a feeling of inspiration, peace, and joy to those catching a listen to it. The Murphs also say This song was inspired heavily by our folk and gospel roots. We wanted to focus on warm, vintage guitar tones and big vocal harmonies. We think they accomplished their wants very well. 

Enjoy this classic-sounding folk song on Spotify now:

More info: The Murphs are an American Roots Rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia featuring Austin Coleman, Katie Coleman, Cody Marlowe, and Rob D’Angelo.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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