Oliver Hazard is at it again with latest single “Gold Teeth Girl”

From the band that brought us “Grenadine”, indie-folk band Oliver Hazard releases another rhythmic and catchy single “Gold Teeth Girl.” This is the latest single is off their EP, The Flood. Based out of Waterville OH, Oliver Hazard is currently amidst a Living Room Tour, playing their music across the US, wherever fans beckon them!

“Gold Teeth Girl” captures our attention from the start with distinctive and warm vocals. The chorus has an upbeat and charming melody, ‘Gold Teeth Girl wont you knock me down‘, full of well-balanced notes and an appealing contrast in tempo compared to the verses.

Listen to “Gold Teeth Girl” on Spotify:

Check out more from Oliver Hazard and find out more about their tour below:






Written By: Hunter Lake

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