John Brunette’s Xmas Song is Filled with Reflection

510fae88a777340bf051eda7893a2f2cf5331a0e.jpgIt’s just a week until Christmas! John Burnette’s Christmas present to the world is a brand new story-telling folk song. “Melancholy Christmas (Another Try)” tells the story of two folks who previously dated and are reconnecting around Christmas. The songs lyrics are a phone conversation that is filled with grief and appreciation for each other. They spend time catching up and reflecting on the past and how the way things are currently. Things have shifted and changed, one person is getting married and John’s character no longer resents the merry season but feels ready to give it another try with his new life and happy head.

Instrumentally, the song is filled out by an acoustic guitar and piano playing chord progressions that sound very melancholy themselves. The slow pacing and the simple instrumentation choices of the song allows the listener to really consume the deep lyrics.

“So you cancelled Christmas, but I know you’ve been reborn a couple times since then.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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