NOAMS Transports You Through A Multi-Dimensional Soundscape In His Latest Double Track Release “Full Journey (Lux + Ferox)”

NOAMS, is a multi-faceted NYC based sound engineer, producer, and artist. His work focuses on creating feel-good electronic music and producing/mastering tracks with other artists. Last week he released a new double-track single that can be listened to in parts (“Lux” and “Ferox”) or as a continuum aptly titled “Full Journey(Lux + Ferox)”. No matter how you listen to them, you’ll be fully consumed by the mesmerizing depth of these tracks.

These dope tracks are ethereal and immersive. NOAMS is a mastermind at establishing musical universes with definitive vibes and motifs. He sets the tone of the track from the first couple beats and you evolve with it as the song progresses. NOAMS’ keen ear and passion for music aid him in creating soundscapes so captivating that you live fully immersed in his masterfully crafted universes until the tracks are over. “Lux” and “Ferox” are perfect examples of that ability and passion.


I was initially inspired by 1788-L’s track “N U/ V E R / K A” which had a really spacey drop. It made me feel like I was floating and that made me think what if I tried to create a soundscape that made me feel like I was in a “void”, a lack of anything but infinite space. Then when I worked on that I created 2 different “dimensions” to slip into from the same void area that seemed to be between any dimension that we could dwell in.


NOAMS has been in the studio tirelessly producing and collaborating with a multitude of artists and has a new remix coming out on December 29th. Big things are coming in 2020 with 3 new releases before the end of February! Follow NOAMS on social media for info on latest releases.

IG: @imnoams

Written by Wes Spaulding

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