Emily Afton Taps Into Her “Queer Girl Heart” in Newest Indie-Pop Song

Indie-pop singer-songwriter, Emily Afton is out with a music video for her latest single “Lonestar”. The video is dreamy in vibe and the style of the music follows that same energy. The song has authentic sounding instrumentation and beautiful vocal melodies that drift in the air. It’s easy to get lost in the song. A guitar softly plays unique sounding jazz sounding chords although the song feels to pull from several different genres of music including folk, country, and pop. The songs title comes from the brand of beer called Lonestar which is popular in Texas. Emily Afton had just spent time touring in the Lonestar state with her band and was daydreaming about drinking in a honky tonk style bar with a lover. The song explores Emily Afton’s queer identity. She goes into more details about that in the quote below:

“When I wrote the song I think I was really digging to understand my queer identity, and nothing has changed since then. I am still digging, I am becoming myself. This song is written in the voice of a person who is singing to another person who they cant “have”, which is an experience very familiar to queer people. The feeling of longing, often times before we “come out”… often times before it is “allowed”… and often times before we even understand what is happening within ourselves- is a place that is very rich with emotion and pain. Writing “Lonestar”, I guess I was feeling tapped into my romantic queer girl heart, almost like looking down at my younger self from a bird’s eye view.” -Emily Afton

Emily Afton is based in the East Bay in Oakland, CA and cites her influences as being Fiona Apple, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Elliott Smith, and CocoRosie. Aside from singing, she also plays guitar and keyboards. Patrick Aguirre serves as drummer and producer for this indiei-pop project.


More info about Emily Afton: facebook.com/EmilyAftonMusic/

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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