I, Doris introduces mummycore with their single "Just Some Doris"

I, Doris is a middle-aged girl-band showcasing mummycore and upbeat anthems! Based out of London, I, Doris shows us how getting a fun and creative group together is exactly what you want to make some banger catchy sounds!

Their single “Just Some Doris” is everything you didn’t know you needed! This memorable tune will instantly bring a smile to your face with the upbeat melody and amusing lyrics. “Just Some Doris” has an amazing bass line, a catchy chorus, and even a keytar making this song entertaining and unforgettable. Their lyrics in “Just Some Doris” sarcastically, and lightheartedly expands on how they may be overlooked, “Just some Doris, you can just ignore us. Don’t need to know my name. Girls are all the same …” 

I, Doris is an uplifting mummycore band with a great vibe sure to have a good impact on your mood. Listen to “Just Some Doris” on Soundcloud below.

For more info and the latest videos of I, Doris, visit these links:





Written By: Hunter Lake

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