Rx27’s Sophomore Single is a Punk Anthem

Gothic Punk Band, Rx27 releases sophomore single. 

“Chasing Crazy is more of a social statement than an anti love song. Love is getting lost in this digital age of social media interaction and the hallmark card sentiment. The quest for love and emotional intimacy has been abandoned for financial security in this seeking arrangement, swipe left and hit the like button. Romance is dead on arrival and the attitude of I will Love you forever until I find someone better mindset is inescapable. Remember forever is the moment you are in or how much you can tolerate. Fuck forever. True love and other fairy tales never end like they do in the movies. Life ain’t a movie but everyone has a camera.” – Rx27 

artworks-000659113618-zsxp7o-originalHey punk fans! The new Rx27 single is out now. “Chasing Crazy” came out on January 20th, 2020 at midnight across all streaming platforms. “Chasing Crazy” is the follow up to the bands debut single “Gasoline.” The song features energetic-lead-vocals, female-backing vocals, distorted electric guitars with the perfect amount of fuzz, and super heavy bass. Pounding drums and gothic guitar riffs carry the song. The chorus of the song dives into the pop-punk realm as it is very catchy with chanting vocals “fuck forever.” The transitions between sections are very smooth even though the sections are quite different in musical taste and intention.

1570713316580As the band describes, the song is about true love getting lost because of the internet and online dating. It seems like everyone is chasing after fantasies that they see in Hollywood-movies. People are swiping on their screens and missing what and who is right in front of them. The verse vocal delivery comes across as angsty and anti-romantic. The chorus section feels a bit less angry, as if the true message of “Chasing Crazy” is more about self-sufficiency and authenticity rather than an anti-romance tune. It doesn’t get more punk rock than that! Regardless of the songs meaning, there are lyrics in “Chasing Crazy” that everyone has related to if they have ever been turned down or have experienced a broken heart.

Rx27 is a gothic punk band based in Los Angeles, CA. “Chasing Crazy” is the follow up to their debut single “Gasoline.”

Stream “Chasing Crazy” on Spotify now:

Find out more about Rx27 here: therx27.com 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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