“I Want Your Love” by Dez Money is One of the Catchiest Songs We’ve Ever Heard

Dez Money, son of Eddie Money, brings hit songwriting. 

image8-1578142501014Dez Money has a new album on the way and has released a killer single to tease music fans. “I Want Your Love” is a catchy pop song with verses that build up and a stand out chorus that is hard to ignore. The transitions between parts are smooth and create a listening experience that takes the listener on an adventure. The verses feature palm-muted guitars and lead to an 80’s sounding pre-chorus with synths. The music explodes when the chorus hits. It’s the type of chorus that you’ll want to play over and over again. Regardless of your own personal singing abilities, you’ll probably have the urge to sing this chorus at the top of your lungs. The sound is completely uplifting and dance-worthy. The second verse features simple backing vocals and an outstanding piano riff…all to lead back to the incredible chorus.

Dez Money is the son of Eddie Money. Eddie’s influences can definitely be heard in Dez’s music but Dez has definitely created a sound of his own that stands out against other current pop rock acts. Along with writing and producing this hit, Dez Money played all the instruments that you hear on this track.

Read Dez’s official artist quote about the songwriting inspiration below:

“I Want Your Love” is about a longing for a love that either went away or was never really there to begin with. “Last night I had a dream. I gave you everything. If only we could be together” It talks about what love does to us and what we do for love. “You know two hearts can change the weather” “I take my time to fall in line. Anything you need to make you mine.” It also talks about life and how it changes the people we love and everything we know as time goes on. “Sometimes the times they change. It changes everything. If only we could live forever.” And even though nothing lasts forever there’s still a magic that does live on. “If you believe it’s real: the magic that you feel as long as we could be whatever.”
– Dez Money 
Stream the song on Spotify now:
More info here: dezmoney.com/welcome 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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