Black Hole Bears Releases Punk Tribute to their Past Projects

Black Hole Bears honors honors their previous music projects in new single.

“Old Bands is about moving on from the past, based on the previous bands we all played in. It’s a pop-punk jam with a great guitar solo and fun chorus.”

– Black Hole Bears 

artworks-000660768853-n0phii-originalBlack Hole Bears is a band who, just like any other band, has had members who have played in different bands before being in their current band. They wrote a song “Old Bands” about their past musical endeavors, even name dropping some of the previous band names in the lyrics. The single features some of the best album artwork that we have seen! Black Hole Bears says: “It started out as a writing exercise where our vocalist took the names of the previous bands we were members of and tried to turn it into a song.” What started as a writing exercise turned into a true keeper and a nice tribute to their past bands. “Old Bands” is quick-paced and fun with influences ranging from hardcore, punk, to pop punk. It’s an anthem that any music fans will sing along with by the end of the song. It’s that catchy! Black Hole Bears bring a cheerful energy to their music that cannot be skipped over. I’m sure their live shows carry the same energy.

Black Hole Bears are based in Denton, TX and frequently gig in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The 4 piece band is made up of Robert Crumpler on bass guitar, Badger Darkes on drums, Alfredo Guerrero on guitar, and Samuel Janvier on keyboards and singing lead vocals.

For Fans Of: Bowling For Soup, Blink-182, Green Day, Good Charlotte, Sum 41. 

“Old Bands” was released on January 1st, 2020! Great way to start the new year, guys! Listen to it on Spotify now!

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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