An Inside Look at Halsey’s #ManicTheExperience Record Release Carnival at Capitol Records on January 17th, 2020

A behind the scenes look at Halsey’s Album Release Party.

A snowy-white themed carnival was the theme of Halsey’s private album release party at Capitol Records on Friday night. Fans with delighted faces walked through the Capitol Records building’s set-up themed Manic The Experience Rooms and into the magical carnival outside that smelled of sweet cotton candy. A mini white Ferris wheel and white carousel ride were some of the main attractions of the unforgettable event. Lines were long but quick moving. Canned water, collector edition cups, and snacks were given out. There were corndogs, French fries, mini pretzels, mini donuts, churros, popcorn, and of course, white cotton candy. Attendees got to take home Photo Booth picture prints as well. Merch was being sold and with the very cold-for-Los-Angeles weather, many fans bought and sported Halsey’s new lime green sweatshirts.

Halsey performing at Capitol Records on January 17th, 2020. Photo by Ryan Cassata
Capitol Records by Ryan Cassata

Fireworks started off Halsey’s intimate set where she performed some of her new record for dedicated fans that waited for hours in front of the stage. Some of them skipped the chance of carnival festivities to get the closest to the singer as they could. Halsey’s talked in-between her incredible performances of her new songs. She shared stories about her mental health and past relationships. The takeaways were female-empowerment and becoming whole without a relationship. Fans cheered as she spoke confidently about topics they seemed to resonate with as well. The lyrics of her new record Manic, released January 17th, 2020, come across as deep and intellectual. It seems that the singer didn’t hold back at all. She shared on stage that her fans have helped her to heal and love herself more. She also shared that many artists help show their fans that they are not alone, but her fans helped her to not feel alone. She expressed very deep gratitude for her true fans that share their stories with her and sing her lyrics. Halsey’s voice sounds just as great live as it does on the record. She sang several songs including “I HATE EVERYBODY” and “929.”

Enjoy Manic on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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