If you haven't heard of her yet, we present Lauren Sanderson, and her new song "But I Like It"

If you haven’t heard her name already, we’re proud to introduce, Lauren Sanderson! This promising and ambitious young artist is turning heads and creating an explosion with her music. From starting out as her own manager and covering songs on Youtube, to dropping an epic debut album, Lauren Sanderson has come quite a long way. She is a passionate, dedicated and motivated LGBTQ artist on the rise. At first listen it’s easy to tell Sanderson is meant to shine!

We don’t need to question how Sanderson is quickly gaining new fans. Her catchy hooks and beaming confidence reel in any new listeners! Sanderson recently released her debut album Midwest Kids Can Make It Big on January 13th, which features new song “But I Like It.” This song starts off with a strong bass-line and melodic hook. The vocals are deliberate and confident. They stand out and imply that Sanderson knows exactly what she wants. The chorus in “But I Like It” is memorable and has a range that pulls the listener in. Don’t let this song slip by.

Listen to “But I Like It” by Lauren Sanderson below:

Find more from Lauren Sanderson below:







Written By: Hunter Lake

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