Hayley Williams Releases Debut Solo Song

 The new Hayley Williams solo-single is much different than Paramore.

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Hayley Williams of Paramore is out with solo single “Simmer” which was co-written by her band mates Taylor York, & Joey Howard. The song feels on the experimental pop side, being produced by Taylor York. Although the vocal still sounds like Hayley Williams, the delivery and melody style is much different than the Hayley we know from the All We Know Is Falling, Riot! and “Ain’t it Fun” days which may come across as a shock to hardcore Paramore fans. I’m sure they will still be able to get into it though…you can definitely hear that it is Hayley and the vocals do sound authentic in production style.

“Simmer” has a very different vibe and direction from Paramore’s most recent album After Laughter with its highly streamed single “Hard Times.” This new hit weighs on the darker side of the pop world and doesn’t seem to have any punk influence at all. Although the song doesn’t have a classic sounding Paramore vocal hook that should be screamed in stadiums, it’s still a piece of art and is captivating as it is. The experimental vocal section is catchy in itself and may be the type of ear worm that comes into the listeners head hours or days after listening.

This single will definitely introduce Hayley Williams to a whole new fan base who may not be as into the pop-punk MySpace-era style that Paramore has done so well for so long.

“Simmer” showcases that Hayley Williams’ voice works on many different genres and she is talented and capable enough to explore the darker side of the pop world. Well done, Hayley Williams! Rock the Pigeon definitely can’t wait to hear more and is excited for whatever you do next.

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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